How To Use Blue Dye Tablets For Urine Drug Screen Collections

Blue dye tablets are simple to use: you plop one in and they turn water blue. However, the best products tend to be simple, and blue dye tablets have a number of important uses. Not only can they help in terms of leak detection, but they also play a critical role in the drug screening […]

The Surprising Way Blue Dye Tablets Can Detect Plumbing Problems

Water leaks cause major plumbing problems. Not only that, but the average household water leaks account for approximately 10,000 gallons of wasted water per year. Unfortunately, water leaks are often difficult to find. The good news is, blue dye tablets make leak detection easier. To learn more about how dissolvable blue dye tablets help with leaks, just […]

How to Detect Water Leaks with Blue Dye

Leaks can be an absolute nightmare for homeowners and business owners alike. Water damage starts small, but soon after, it is a massive problem that needs to be handled. If you neglect a leak, it can cause massive amounts of damage. This blog post will help you identify different water leaks, and will then explain […]