Water leaks cause major plumbing problems. Not only that, but the average household water leaks account for approximately 10,000 gallons of wasted water per year. Unfortunately, water leaks are often difficult to find.

The good news is, blue dye tablets make leak detection easier.

To learn more about how dissolvable blue dye tablets help with leaks, just keep reading.

Signs of a Leaking Toilet

One of the first signs of a hidden water leak is an expensive water bill. You may not notice any other issues, but if your water bill spikes, that’s usually an indicator that you have plumbing problems. However, there are a few more telltale signs that’ll give you hints, including the following:

Difficulty Flushing the Toilet

If you experience trouble flushing the toilet, it’s likely due to a faulty flush valve. While this situation isn’t necessarily caused by a water leak, it can still create plumbing problems. If you have to wiggle the toilet lever or continually hold it down to get a complete flush, then there’s definitely an issue going on.

Continual Water Flow in the Toilet Bowl

One primary sign of a leaking toilet is continual water flow into the toilet bowl. Normally, it takes a couple of minutes for the water to flow back inside the basin of the toilet. However, if you see water streaming down into the toilet 10 or 15 minutes after flushing, there’s a plumbing problem.

Water Flows Above the Overflow Line

If the water in a toilet bowl goes above the overflow line, that’s an indicator of a leaking toilet. The overflow line is the upright pipe in the commode that drains out excess water. But a leaking refill valve could be the reason for the faulty overflow pipe in your toilet.

An overflowing commode could lead to major issues like flooding and structural damage.

A Noisy Toilet

If your commode continues to make drainage noises 5 to 10 minutes after flushing, that’s a sign of water leakage. The toilet shouldn’t take long to fill up, so if it does, it means you’re having plumbing problems.

Sometimes this issue is resolved by turning the valve at the bottom of the toilet. However, when there’s a plumbing issue, the water will continue to flow.

Issues Caused by Toilet Leaks

A toilet leak may not seem like a very serious plumbing problem, but it can create several issues. Using blue dye tablets is essential for early leak detection, so plumbing problems don’t get out of hand.

Here’s the aftermath that you can expect from a toilet leak:

Structural Damage

When your toilet is leaking, it’s bound to seep into areas that you don’t want it to. Structural damage is a common result of leaking water. When it gets around the base of the toilet, it damages the floors—especially hardwood.

Unfortunately, this scenario means that you’ll have to pay to fix your plumbing problems, as well as repair your floors in the areas that were damaged.

A water leak could also create a large clean-up job. You’ll likely have to mop the floors or wash rugs to get rid of the mess.

Health Hazards

Water damage leads to mold growth. When this happens, it puts your family’s health at risk. Mold could potentially cause respiratory issues and other health problems.

When you use your blue dye tablets to detect water leakage, it’s vital to get your plumbing problems fixed as soon as possible to prevent the accumulation of mold.

Irritating Toilet Sounds

Earlier we explained that toilet noises are an indicator of a leak. However, it’s not only is it a sign of a plumbing issue, but it’s also a nuisance.

Have you ever heard a toilet that continues to run and run? It’s pretty annoying. If you’re trying to sleep, relax, or concentrate with a loud commode, it can really put a damper into your day.

An Expensive Water Bill

A high water bill is a telltale sign of a water leak, but it’s also the consequence of a water leak.  No one wants to dish out extra money because there’s an issue with plumbing. This can become really expensive when you can’t find out where the plumbing issue is coming from.

Use Blue Dye Tablets to Detect Plumbing Problems

When you’re having plumbing problems, sometimes it’s difficult to know whether or not there’s leakage. Thankfully, blue dye tablets make leak detection easy.

Here’s how to use blue tabs to spot issues with plumbing:

  • To test your toilet for a leak, take the lid off the toilet tank and place a blue dye tablet inside. Wait 15 to 20 minutes for the coloring to spread through the tank.
  • After the time is up, look on the inside of a toilet bowl, not a tank. If there is blue coloring in the bowl, then there’s an issue with the plumbing.

Rapid Blue Quick Dissolve Bluing Tablets

If you need blue dye tablets for plumbing leak detection, Rapid Blue Tablets are the perfect solution. They come in quantities of 100 tablets or 200 tablets, so you’ll have plenty of products for an extended period of time. The tablets’ bold, blue color makes it easy to locate leaks in a variety of different plumbing systems.

Plus, Rapid Blue Tablets are made in the USA and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Detect Plumbing Problems With Ease

Water leaks cause multiple issues that lead to severe plumbing problems. Luckily, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of faulty plumbing when you have blue dye tablets. If you’re interested in our Rapid Blue dissolvable blue dye tablets, they’re available online.